Facebook Midnight Message Delivery for New Year’s Eve


Facebook has made it possible for you to go ahead and schedule those private midnight New Year’s Eve Messages to your friends in advance, so you can enjoy your evening without scrambling to your computer.

Once you visit the Midnight Delivery page, you sign in to Facebook with your login and voila! Once you’ve selected the friends you want, and modified your midnight message, expect for your New Year’s greeting to be delivered to their Facebook inbox at midnight on December 31.

How likely are you to use this fun new feature Facebook is offering for New Year’s Eve?


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One Response to Facebook Midnight Message Delivery for New Year’s Eve

  1. Jerry Brooks says:

    Wishing you my Dear Friend a Most Healthy Happy and Successful New Years, may it be all that you could possibly wish for and Brighten Your Heart with a Wonderful Smile! Always, Love Jerry

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